What you’re describing in places such as America IS socialism.

Banks and governments privatise gains and socialise losses.

They attempt to even out wealth distribution by taking from one group and giving to another (eg; welfare, roads, armies, etc) irrespective of whether or not someone consents.

Capitalism is the process of transforming scarce resources into a high order products and services. It’s about efficient use of our energy, time and natural resources and it’s natural corrective function is bankruptcy.

Not sure if you’ve noticed but if you’re a large Corp and close enough to government, YOU GET A BAIL OUT.

A bail out is the socialisation of a loss.

It’s a passing on of the cost of being wrong to everyone else.

It’s a moral hazard.

By definition, you’ve got the most insidious forms of socialism in the US.

There is no intelligent use of capital, and the more the state grows, the greater the raping and pillaging of capital from private individual for the good of some imaginary collective.

The majority has NO right to my resources.

Only I do.

I could not care less about “majority rule”.

I care about the individual.

That’s what bitcoin drivers.

A voluntary mechanism for us to come together, not via mandate, but through self interest. Which must ALWAYS come first.

Have a read of the following:


It might help.

Furthermore, read some literature from Rothbard. I can send u some resources if you DM me on Twitter.

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