The UnCommunist Manifesto

Aleksandar Svetski
3 min readMar 17, 2022

By Aleksandar Svetski & Mark Moss

Coming out April, 2022

On January the 16th, 2022 in Austin, Texas, Mark Moss and I locked ourselves in an AirBnB for 4 days to write;

The UnCommunist Manifesto.

We wrote it because we’d each read the original Communist Manifesto by Marx & Engels, and were horrified at not just its moronic assertions but by the fact that it is the most widely read PPE text in modern history.

Not only has this ridiculous original manifesto been the basis upon which regimes around the globe have killed hundreds of millions of people, but it is being actively taught at University’s around the world and flaunted like some badge of honour by mentally ill individuals who’ve found an academic justification to be the worst, entitled versions of themselves.

We felt strongly about writing something that would counter the dangerous ideas contained within the original book, and we hope we’ve done that intent justice.

The UnCommunist Manifesto hopes to shine a light on the struggle between Individual Sovereignty and Collective Coercion, and clearly define terms that have been hijacked by the mindless automatons running the media, the schooling systems and governments.

We emulated the format and length of the Communist Manifesto, so it’s short and concise but that’s where the similarities end. Our book reminds people that humans are designed to reach upward and become better versions of themselves, not to classify themselves into static groups to play identity politics and validate their desire to bring others down to their level.

Our goal was to change the axis of the “struggle”.

Marx and Engels outlined it as ‘a struggle between two classes’, whom an individual is arbitrarily assigned to based on their material wealth or possessions. We reject this and assert that the real struggle is between individual autonomy, sovereignty and responsibility versus the collectivist tendency toward group identity politics, rights, entitlements and co-dependencies.

Our long term hope is that this text can be a beacon of hope, sanity and sense in a world being swallowed up by the envy inherently justified by Marxist doctrines.

The siren call of entropy embodied by Marxism is stronger than ever. The greatness and sanctity of the individual and the soul must counter it.

This is the first edition and it is our hope you find deep meaning within.

We’re going Live on KickStarter this week, so please follow the project there, and join us in making this book a success.

Aleks & Mark