The Rise of the Keyboard Warriors

and fucking Instagram heroes…

Man — don’t get me started on these fucking keyboard warrior, Instagram prophet mother fuckers who regurgitate quotes they don’t understand in the hope of spreading spirituality to morons who wouldn’t know what it is if it punched em in the fucking face…

That was the message I sent to a friend of mine a few weeks ago..

We live in an amazing world, and in an unprecedented period of human history.

We’ve managed to create more in the last 100yrs than the previous 2mil years of our time on this planet as a species.

We’ve gone from tribes, to kingdoms, to religions, to nations, to a new level of virtual connectedness, where; using technology like social media, we can transcend the age-old pre-requisites for human interaction & connectedness.

500yrs ago Science blossomed, both because of, and in the face of religion.

In the last 100yrs, we’ve seen the practical application of science (i.e.; technology) transform the world at an exponential rate — where today, information, data, connectedness, ideas, concepts & innovation happen, proliferate & expand at an incredible rate.

  • A single person today has access to more information, than entire nations had 100yrs ago.

BUT…as we progress in any area, so too does our stupidity follow.

In a world that’s increasingly connected, we’ve seen what seems to be record levels of disconnectedness.

In a world that’s so externally focused, we’re seeing unprecedented level of blatant narcissism.

And in a world so plagued by self centeredness, we’re sorely forgotten how to truly “go inside” and “know thyself”.

These paradoxes are mind-boggling at times.

Now — I’m not one of those luddites that’s going to sit here & say “See! It’s because of technology that we’re all so disconnected”.

Neither am I in the camp that says; “See — with technology, we’re all now so connected”.

There is an argument for both — and wether the Neo-luddites are right, or if the narcissism & disconnectedness is just more visible now because of social media, doesn’t change the fact that it’s fucked up.

Technology isn’t right or wrong. It’s like Money. It’s amoral!

It’s a tool. And more importantly; it’s a Magnifier.

You can do soooooo much more with technology at your fingertips.

If you’re a good person, with a brilliant idea & a passion to help people; you can do so much more with so much less, for so many more people.

If you’re a douche bag, who’s only interested in how you look, well guess what — now you don’t have to just look in the mirror & marvel at your lips in a pout, but you can take a fucking selfie & let every other retard out there marvel too :)

Using technology, we can now magnify the experience and the result.

Technology also creates new opportunities — it always has & it always will. It’s what we do with those that’s important.

I’ve gone on a bit of a tangent here, but you get the point right?

Now..back to the point of the article..Keyboard Warriors..

With the rise of technology, we’ve seen the rise of these assholes also.

In the past, they may have been the douche bag that wrote it all in a diary, who bottled it up & perhaps became a Highway Patrol officer pushing his insecurities onto innocent motorists, or even a serial killer who built up years of resentment because they we’re too gutless to face things in real life (for whatever reason).

***Note*** I’m not saying all highway patrol offices are douche bags, nor is writing in a diary wrong — I’ve done that for years; I’m just illustrating a point, which is:

The outlet has changed.

Trolls can now hide behind a keyboard & talk shit.

Morons who don’t know how to spell integrity, let alone understand what it means can pretend they have it by posting some inspirational shit on Instagram, (more often a quote written by someone who actually lived it) and then wait for people to like it so they get their hit of dopamine.

And then you have the muppets who’s real life is a complete contrast to the horse shit they post on Facebook.

What the fuck do u need a phone out here for???

“Went out to enjoy nature today in this beautiful national park. It’s all about being disconnected from the world & connecting with nature”

But hold on….let me make sure I bring my phone & my selfie stick with me, so I can show everyone else how spiritual & connected I am.

Oh — and who the fuck is always taking the photos of you facing the opposite direction & shit?? wtf..It’s like half these mother fuckers have a photographer following there asses around & taking photos at a distance before they get the hell out of wherever they are & go plague the next spot with their “connected disconnectedness”.

Fuck You!

I get the once in a while snap of you being somewhere amazing. I’ve done it. We all do it. Sharing a visual of a beautiful place is a beautiful thing — but posting a new photo of a beautiful place with ur dumb ass in it along with some regurgitated inspirational quote, every fucking day, is just not cool.

Go enjoy yourself. Go enjoy the scenery. Go disconnect for a bit. But Stop seeking attention & approval from everyone else in the process!

This doesn’t just go for selfies & bullshit Instagram posts.

It goes for anything you do in life.

Forget about what others say or think about you.

Go inside, work out what YOU want. And go do THAT.

Go be REAL.

I feel like the thing that’s lacking most nowadays is that sense of reality.

And whilst the very reality of what call reality is evolving, i.e.; Internet → Social Media → Augmented Reality → Virtual Reality, I feel the problem is what people are projecting in order to meet their need for connection & significance.

Motive does Matter. (i.e.; Your intent counts!)

If you’re there to genuinely share a beautiful image or quote about someone or something, that’s amazing. The world definitely needs more of that. But if you’re doing it to get your hit of dopamine if & when people like your shit, then I’m sorry, but you’ve got some serious issues. Once in a while is fine — we all need that external approval, but IN SMALL DOSES — not from the moment you wake up through to the god damn point you fall asleep (with your phone in your hand)..

Keyboard Warriors suck.

They’re like sleazy used-car salespeople. They convince a lot of dumb asses, but in reality, they’re a turn off & they’re scumbags.

Don’t be a keyboard warrior.

Do & Live by what you preach.

Your actions will always speak louder than your words. And although your actions (may) be invisible to the masses, it’s the act that will bring you fulfillment — not the external recognition. And if only a few people know of your amazing act, but the majority don’t, then so be it.

Remember what Dr Suess says (I’m paraphrasing here):

“Do what you want in life, for those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”

This is how you build character & integrity — and the people who you want around you, the others with character & integrity; they can sense it.

You can only fool so many people, and in reality — only the fools get fooled. If that’s what you want around you, then fair game — it’s yours for the taking.

But if you want to build real relationships, real depth and real connection with real people, then practice the art of being real.

It’s the greatest investment you can make in yourself & in your life.


There are always exceptions to everything I write (and everything in life). I don’t believe in absolutes of any kind.

You may be building a business, a persona, etc — which may require you to do a little bit of this shit, but my 2c is to do it from a place of authenticity. I’m not here to tell you what’s authentic or not — only YOU can know that — but all I will say is that if you project a lie, that you KNOW is a lie, then it will ultimately placate you & leave you hollow on the inside.

If that’s what you want — go for it — but don’t complain later about how you’re treated, or how everyone around you is a fake fuck.


Although I could probably go on, I think it’s time I end this rant.

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