The Bushido of Bitcoin

Release announcement & short overview

Aleksandar Svetski
4 min readMay 27, 2024

Two years, six drafts, and 125,000 words later, and The Bushido of Bitcoin is almost complete.

Before the book’s release in Q3 of this year I will be doing a few things:

  1. Making it available for pre-order on Geyser. For the general paperback, digital and audio copies, it will save you roughly 50%. I will also include some limited edition options, like a short run of 21 leather-bound versions of the book. More on that in the coming weeks.
  2. Drip-feeding snippets from the book, in the form of quotes, lessons, etymology progressions and insights, across all my socials. On Substack I’ll do longer form posts, on Twitter & Nostr, I’ll keep them more succinct, and finally, I’m reviving my Instagram to wrap the insights in beautiful, shareable, bite-size visuals.
  3. Jumping on a bunch of podcasts, both Bitcoin and not Bitcoin-related to dig into the content of the book. I’ve recorded with Breedlove already. Many more to come — and who knows, I may even revive my old Wake Up Podcast and do a few short episodes there too.

I want to treat this book as both an ongoing work and a piece of art. So alongside the book, I’m also going to produce some pieces of visual and physical art. The video trailer, alone, I promise will blow your mind., as will the warrior-samurai artwork I’m going to have commissioned in collaboration with some soon-to-be-announced artists. I’ll probably even do a tradings cards pack with Bitcoin Trading cards next year, and some other collaborations along the way.

In any case, it’s been an incredible journey writing this book and I’m honoured to have had people like John Carter help me edit it, and Ross Stevens agreeing to do the foreword. I can’t wait to have the final version completed and in your hands.

For those who might be wondering what I am talking about…

What is The Bushido of Bitcoin?

This is a book I’ve been writing for almost two years now. Its genesis was a conversation I had with Erik Cason on my old Wake Up Podcast — also called “The Bushido of Bitcoin.” It was Episode 65: you can check out here. The inspiration for that episode came from a shared love of the book by James Clavell, called: Shogun (now a HBO series — which it seems they didn’t make woke..thank God), and of course we related the idea of Bushido (Way of the warrior: Code of Virtue) back to Bitcoin

I felt that this was a seed of an idea, well worth watering. So after that, I decided to go on a history binge and start collecting ideas. What ensued was a real journey. I must’ve listened to a thousand hours of history books and Dan Carlin podcasts in the first six months and the concept began to form. But before I tell you what the concept is — let me tell you what it’s not.

This is NOT another book about the history of money, nor does it make an Austrian case for sound money, or an economic case for Bitcoin as sound money. Neither is it concerned with how Bitcoin works, or any of the technicals. We have enough of those books, and I don’t think I will add anything new to that corpus of knowledge.

What this book IS about, is something so much deeper and more profound: The behaviour, virtue, culture and civilisation of greatness.

The book seeks to answer the question: “What happens when Bitcoin wins?”

What happens to those who rise to the top, and become the socio-economic elite of the world?

  • Will we become a new parasitic class?
  • Will we become self-indulgent degenerates? Or..
  • Will become men and women of virtue?

The latter is not a given, and it’s certainly not enough to just say “Bitcoin Fixes This.” To become men and women of stature and character requires actively developing the virtues which give rise to a culture of excellence. This is the only way to reclaim and rebuild civilisation — complaining and wishing about the past won’t cut it.

Over the coming weeks, I will introduce you to the Ten Virtues that make up The Bushido of Bitcoin. The book of course is more complete, but I will hold nothing back. We’ll follow the historical and etymological genesis of these virtues with an in-depth analysis on how they were embodied by the greatest leaders and warriors throughout history. We’ll also draw lessons from this analysis that will help us navigate the road ahead.

What lies before us may be a “clown world” but hope is far from lost. We’ve been here before. Many times, and against greater odds. This is our generation’s opportunity for a re-conquista.

The Bushido of Bitcoin is written to remind you there is something greater inside of you, and the only way through hell, is forward. I hope you find value in the up-coming content, and that should you pick up a copy of the book, it greatly inspires you.


Aleksandar Svetski

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