Slave Coin or Freedom Coin

Which way Western Man?

Aleksandar Svetski
16 min readJun 14, 2022

Modern society must make the decision to succumb to centralized digital money, or rally around the freedom and sovereignty of bitcoin.

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Slave Coin or Freedom Coin

Which way Western Man?

the west is no longer The West. It no longer even deserves to be capitalised.

What made it great and successful, the enlightenment values and the sovereignty of the individual are all but dissolved in the morass of modernity’s mindlessness.

Gone are the days of excellence, greatness and ‘standing out’.
In are the days of conformity, compliance, ‘acceptance’, participation awards and ‘fitting in’.

The values and virtues that made The West great have been replaced with the incessant cry for comfort and convenience, in return for obedience.

The crescendo of this horrific orchestra is nigh.

Gaslighting is the norm, and like Orwell predicted, War is now peace, Freedom is now slavery, Ignorance is now strength.

In place of the article, I could just stick a bunch of images up…but alas…I am a writer.

Woke ideology in the West.

The west was not defeated by a single blow. It was death by a 1000 minute and meaningless cuts.

From pronouns, to equality, scientism, welfare, climate alarmism, political correctness, this an incessant need to deconstruct objective reality into completely arbitrary subjective falsehoods has transformed the once-great West into a cesspool of moral relativism.

When everything matters, nothing matters.

It truly has become 🤡🌎.

We used to aspire toward greatness and excellence. We were interested in the idea of quality, of worth and of value.

Now; there is no more value, like the money we conjure up from thin air and use to measure human action and all resources. Everything has been supposedly made “abundant” (because we have no anchor to real cost) and as a result, we’re drowning in excess quantities of fake wealth and junk that does not matter, whether this be NFTs, moronic media, reality TV, garbage music, fake celebrities, brainwashing at school, nursing-home-level politicians or scamdemics.

And because we spend all our time lying to ourselves and burning through real resources, we’re simultaneously suffering from shortages in areas that do matter, eg; energy, food, responsibility, intelligence and courage.

We used to be pioneers. We used to envision our place in the stars, now we bicker and worry about our place in the dirt.

It’s a sad time for humanity, and dare I say that only god knows when we come out on the other end. If we do at all.

The Great Bifurcation

The empire of lies cannot last, and it will collapse either on top of all of us, or atop only some. I sincerely hope the latter for the only meaningful and realistic goal we have left, as sovereign intelligent individuals, is to limit the collateral damage.

As we embark on this pursuit, and as the collapse of these false orders inevitably occur, it’s my belief that Homo Sapiens will bifurcate into two primary camps, and perhaps even species (after multiple generations).

  1. Homo Hystericus / Homo Lemmingus
  2. Homo Bitcoinicus

The former are the classic mid-wit / NPC / shitcoiner / statist persona. Those who lack personal control and restraint, and as such project it onto the rest of the world.

A key characteristic is the yearning to reduce the diverse constituents of a complex organism into simple numbers, and transform these systems into mere spreadsheets.

They are the doctors who believe health is the absence of disease, that disease the absence of modern medicine, and that depression is the absence of prozac or mdma.

They lack the capacity to think holistically and they view all fractal, complex systems as linear and isolated from the whole.

They have major control issues because they lack self control, and thus compensate by attempting to control others.

They are willing to trade the diversity and complexity of life for sterility and linearity of control.

Homo Bitcoinicus on the other hand will be the kind of individual who continues to become more robust, sovereign and self reliant. They will be too busy practicing self mastery and building something of value, to bother with meddling in other people’s lives.

They will live more local, they will own the product of their labour, they will trade freely and they will have no master. They will own stuff and be happy.

And of course, among Homo Bitcoinicus there will be diverse classes of people arranged into hierarchies of competence. They will not be built upon some arbitrary authority-by-decree, but via the emergence of natural leaders and masters of their craft.

This is what nobility means in the classical sense. To be noble is something to aspire toward. It is not something to sneer at.

To be noble is to pursue excellence and greatness. It is my hope that the “New West” will be both built and populated by Homo Bitcoinicus.

But before we get there, there will be a significant price to pay. I’ve experienced first hand the vitriolic nihilism, short-termism and mindlessness from lemmings who believe in fantasies like “pumpamentals”, surveillance states, digital identities and ponzi schemes.

These meaningless, empty pursuits have an allure for the masses which will be hard for Bitcoin’s core value proposition to compete with. Most of these people don’t want responsibility. They don’t to produce anything.

They want a leader (overlord), they want UBI, they want to be told what to do, and they want a safety net provided by their masters.

Enter Crypto…

The Primary Attack Vector

Wonder Boy + Tech + Blockchain + VCs + WEF + Academia + UBI

If that’s a “prince”, we know exactly how sickly both the world and ‘crypto’ are.

The ideal way to ensure the sheep get led to the slaughter is to encourage them to run in that direction themselves. In fact, if those sheep have some actual wealth and resources, you may even be able to get them to buy their own ticket to the slaughterhouse.

This is what Ethereum and the broader VC backed shitcoin industry is.
An expensive ticket to your own spot in the techno-gulags of the 21st century.

Synthetic wombs, bugs, soylent and the metaverse await you. Here’s your bored ape jpeg, a copy of Harari’s 21 lessons, and proof of iris-scan. You may now proceed to your pod.

Meet your new Masters.

For all the crypto-bros, whether larping about freedom or chasing ‘muh gains’, congratulations. Seriously. You’re trading your freedom for some digital monopoly money issued by your two new masters; Klaus Schwab and Vitalik Buterin (the latter being a younger clone of the former).

I would tell you that there is no honour or courage in this, and furthermore that there is no morality; only the loss of one’s soul. But you won’t care.

Free money and air-drops will suck you into the racket. You will trade your sovereignty for the free scraps wiped off the table (network) your overlords eat at.

I urge you not to be one of them.

Nothing in life comes for free. There is always a cost. In this case, it will be the cost of your own self worth and self ownership.

And if you’re strong enough to avoid that siren call, have then the courage to not be one of the opportunists who acquires the scraps first to on-sell to the others. That does not make you better. Rolling your own shitcoin and profiting off the lemmings makes you complicit.

Men with integrity are those who can show restraint, and in a world where sound values are continually being eroded and structures are falling apart, restraint is an asset the best of us must necessarily possess.

Crypto = Globalist Dictatorship

Bitcoin = Individual Freedom

At the centre of the divide for “Western Man” lies this choice:

Crypto or Bitcoin.

This may sound like an exagerrated statement, but it’s true.

Legacy fintech will dissolve and be absorbed into this new technological paradigm, irrespective of how moronic it is and the quantity of smoke and mirrors used to obfuscate their real operation.

Bitcoin fundamentally changed everything, and one of the unfortunate trade offs (that had to be made) in open sourcing money, was in a world where the money-printer would be in a sense been “democratized”. It’s made it easier for any dweeb to just spin up their own shitcoin, get some funding and roll it out; and as such the legitimacy of national currencies issued by nation-states will continue to diminish.

The only option available to legacy finance and central banking is to either partner with organisations such as Consensus (which they are already doing), or simply fund them, whether overtly or covertly.

This is the “attack vector” that not enough intelligent people are talking about. I made it clear to Pomp on his podcast about a year ago now, and if anything, my suspicions have proved accurate.

If you’re supporting these shitcoins, then you are in fact part of the problem. You’re adding liquidity, you’re justifying they’re existence, and you’re making the Overton Window more inclusive for scammers, idiots and the literal enemy.

Crypto is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the sheeple are falling for it, hook, line & sinker.

Why do we have Bitcoin in the first place?

There are many reasons, but to sum a few of them up, Bitcoin is:

  • The removal of “rulers” or “issuers” of money.
  • The removal of monetary inflation.
  • The de-monopolisation of Money, forever.
  • The placement of money into the realm of physical / natural laws.
  • The fusion of energy (universal ‘physical’ currency) to money (in the metaphysical sense)

The magnitude of this achievement is staggering and the inability for people to comprehend it is both mind-numbingly frustrating, but also expected, considering the nihilistic pets humans have become.

Perhaps the words on this page jolt you. Or perhaps I’m yelling at clouds. I do not know, but I will try my best to remind you that; Fiat is the Enemy, in every sense of the word and in every incarnation. Shitcoins are just replicating the fiat we already have, but on a more digital standard, in a clear attempt to build technocratic oligarchies.

Do you want to give one of these nerds, who are NO different to Bill Gates or Zuckerberg ultimate power over you?

Supporting shitcoins is not only a path to financial bankruptcy, but it is morally bankrupt. You’re supporting not only the scammers who create them, but you’re helping lead other sheep to the slaughter AND you’re just slowing down the best chance we have to break the abomination that is The State.

“The construct” discussion by Morpheus in the original Matrix is likely the best quote in the history of film and I bring it up in almost every 5th article I write. But it rings so true. Those in the system will fight to save it, even though their enslaved by it and you are trying to free them from their shackles!

It’s mind boggling, but I guess that’s what happens when everybody is in a constant trance. Zombies walk forth blindly and the very meaning of the images they see and the words they hear are changed.

The word “crypto” for example used to be short for cryptography or crypto-anarchy.

It’s now short hand for cryptocurrencies, which unfortunately boils down to:

  • Outright Ponzi schemes
  • Idiot idea run by naive nerds
  • A machination of globalist government.

I don’t know which exactly is the most potentially harmful, but I’d venture to say the last one.

Ethereum, for example is one of the more pernicious of these machinations.

Not only is the ‘Ethereum Foundation’ (the existence of a foundation should give away what this thing is) infused with World Economic Forum participants, but Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin founded Consensys which owns Infura which practically the entire Ethereum network runs on. Lubin is part of the old-guard, worked at Goldman Sachs and is in bed with the agencies attempting to reduce the world into a spreadsheet and humans into numbers to populate it with (WEF, Blackrock, et al.)

You can watch this if you like:

How is any of this anti-fragile?
How is this in any way related to what Bitcoin stands for?
How are you sovereign when the foundation upon which the promise to you has been made is literally owned by a couple of people.

You are another product, in the same was you’re Zuckerberg’s product on Facebook.

Charles Hoskisson and his “Cordanoh” shitcoin is another example.

Here’s Hoskinson talking at Davos in 2020 about social credit systems being built on blockchains. If you didn’t know, Davos is the annual meeting put on by the WEF, where insiders and parasites fly in with private jets to talk about how the rest of us should own nothing, reduce our carbon footprint and be happy eating bugs.

“Blockchain for social good”.

These charlatans (Hoskinson is in his early 30s by the way. The whole late 40s professor look is a charade), and the think tanks they put together are either:

  1. Ignorant, arrogant fools with access to too much money, that believe you’re too stupid to decide what ‘good’ is, so they must build a system that enforces their definition of ‘social good’ on your behalf.
  2. Malicious, malevolent maniacs with access to too much money, that believe you’re too stupid to decide what ‘good’ is, so they must build a system that enforces their definition of ‘social good’ on your behalf.

Either way, their wet-dreams of globalist techno-utopias are panopticons in the making. Hoskinson claims that his goal is to build a “global stock market, a global venture capital for the poorest people in the world” by implementing a so-called self sovereign identity on the network he owns “and pair that with the tracking and traceability and the ability to know that people are spending money correctly”.

Thankyou oh lord Hoskinson. Without you, I would never know how to spend the product of my own labour. I would simply starve, naked and alone on the streets.

That’s how dumb these people think we all are.
…..unfortunately for the Homo Hystericus subset of humanity, they may be right.

Bitcoin VS Shitcoin (Ethereum as an example)

They are not the same.
And if you’re a shitcoiner, we are not the same.

1. The Ruling Class

Ethereum changes nothing about the legacy financial and governance system, other than using some bitcoin-like technology for payments and the replacement of old school bankers & politicians with nerds and new-school, globalist politicians, like Aya Miyaguchi, a board member of the Ethereum Foundation and member of the World Economic Forum (the think tank behind lockdowns, climate change hysteria and injection mandates).

In fact, the very existence of an “Ethereum foundation” tells you enough about what this project is.

It’s a private company (like the FED) disguised as a startup-like get rich quick scheme, designed to use YOUR money to fund their way into control.

We’ve seen what happens when the ruling class of Ethereum (its founders) don’t like the outcome. From the DAO Hack, to the multiple hard forks, to the transitions of “what Ethereum is”. It all just represents a new cabal that is there to run your life.

2. Enforceability and Verifiability

Bitcoin is special not because it has a “fixed supply”, but because its fixed supply is both verifiable and enforceable.

Verifiable with a single request, that your full node can ping back immediately.

Enforceable because YOUR full node runs Bitcoin. Not infura. The fact that it’s in sync with other full nodes means that you have a global Bitcoin Network.

You CANNOT run an Ethereum Node, nor can you even know the supply.

Pierre Rochard tore them apart in 2020/2021 when he asked an honest question to the Ethereum community about the total supply. Hundreds of different answers came back, followed by an uproar about “that doesn’t matter”.

Well that’s fantastic. These idiots literally built a monetary network which functions just like the old system, except slower and a little more open / accessible.

Congratulations sir, you got played.

3. Proof of Stake VS Proof of Work

Proof of Stake is literally the definition of Central Banking, just in a digital capacity.

In fact, it’s even worse because the entity who created, pre-mined, and launched the currency is the one that ultimately runs the network and can do so with minimal checks and balances.

With Ethereum, you’ve got the ruling class, who pre-mined 70% of the coin, who still own most of it, who run all (like 4…lol) of the nodes, who operate the foundation and are now going to hard fork and move Ethereum onto Proof of Stake, where those with the most “stake”, ie; the ruling class, get to make all the decisions.

How do you think things play out when the incentives are structured as such?

Proof of Stake as a means for reaching monetary consensus is a cancer because it is untethered to the only true universal currency that exists; energy.

The destruction of society, of families, of the environment and of the very fabric of society emerges from WASTE.

The greatest source of waste comes from the edifice that supports and is supported by fiat money. Because there is no cost of production, it does not map or translate to resource or energy utilisation. Because it can be conjured up from thin air, and is used to measure things that cannot be conjured up, we proceed to burn through both Human Resources (time, intelligence, effort) and scarce natural resources (matter & energy), nonethewiser.

It’s a tragedy.

Supporting Ethereum and any of these other coins is simply getting behind modalities that operate on the same premises. More rulers, who will waste more resources → and we’re back to where we are today.

A tragedy of the commons with a leaky valve installed by modern parasites.

The result will only be more unnatural inequality thanks to what I’m going to call The Buterin Effect (modern version of cantillon)

Proof of stake + Pre-mines + Rulers = The Buterin Effect = Unnatural Inequality

In Closing

Bitcoin is anarchy in it’s most purest form.

Crypto is predicated on the idea of rulers.
Bitcoin is predicated on the idea of voluntary rules.

All cryptos fundamentally work on the idea of a governing body, and are interested in developing abstracted means of social consensus that are unrelated to raw work or energy utilisation.

Bitcoin functions on the basis that the individual governs themselves and consensus is achieved through voluntary agreement and participation is priced through work and energy expenditure in the real world.

That’s how digital and physical are anchored.

Crypto is being designed for homo hystericus. Ethereum specifically is basically Panopticoin.

It’s a tool used to trick the lemmings away from Bitcoin and walk them right into Slave Coin, with a new set of rulers, who can change the rules whenever they want to, mid-game.

Bitcoin on the other hand, offers an even entry, enforceable, verifiable rules, proof of work, so no cheating, no seignorage and no unfair advantages, a fixed supply, and no “ruler” to change the rules.

Take your pick.

Freedom Coin or Slave Coin.

As I said on stage at Bitcoin 2021, the line that will divide those who are free and those who are slaves, will be those who have bitcoin and those who do not.

Which Way Western Man?

Will you be a serf for Vitalik, Klaus, A16Z or Hoskinson?

Will you trade your labour for some Ethereum (or similar) and await your air-dropped UBI, like a good little pet?


Will you be a sovereign individual who owns himself, his wealth and his property?

Each has a price. One short term, the other long term.
Choose wisely.

Thankyou for reading, and I sincerely hope you found value in trading your time for it. There will be loads more to come.

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