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  • John Vallis

    John Vallis

    I record conversations with interesting people. Hodl.

  • Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson

    CTO of Stand Together. Former CEO of GrainBridge, Co-founder of Descartes Labs, CEO of Zite. Love product, philosophy, data refineries, and models.

  • Don Watkins

    Don Watkins

    Writer. Speaker. Thinker.

  • Brandon Quittem

    Brandon Quittem

    Entrepreneur. Bitcoin. Fungi. Content Marketing and Education for Swan Bitcoin. DMs open on twitter.

  • Tomer Strolight

    Tomer Strolight

    Destroying the lies that imprison people

  • Gigi


    Moved to

  • Hass McCook

    Hass McCook

    Bitcoin Evangelist. BEng MEngSc MBA

  • Elaine Ou

    Elaine Ou



  • Parabolic Trav

    Parabolic Trav

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