Not on what you’ve lost…

2017 has been one of the most character building & patience testing years of my life. Quite possibly the most.

There have been multiple moments where I truly believed I’d hit rock bottom. Moments where I was beat down, and just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, some other bullshit came up & kicked me square in the nuts.

And it’s seemed as if it’s been in every realm of my life: Financial, Career, Personal, etc.

The analogy I gave my brother was: “I feel like I’m going blow for blow with Mike Tyson”. The problem being obvious…

It’s been fucking brutal.


The tide is turning.

I’m not a big believer in “luck”, except to the extent that luck happens as a result of preparation for & persistence toward an outcome. In any endeavor, a whole lot of shit will happen, but as long as you remain headstrong, things will go your way at some point. Some call it luck. Again; I call it the result of persistence.

Now, luck aside, I do believe in momentum.

On the surface, momentum can look like the compounding of luck — but again, I would say that it’s more a result of things starting to “line up” after you get through the challenges that were “blocking” you previoulsy.

How do you build momentum?

It’s the same thing. Persistence.

The question is — how do you persist?

The answer to that, my friend, is the headline of this article:

Focus on what you have.

Over the last couple months, If I didn’t focus on what I still did have, I’d not have even noticed it, and quite likely not have even been able to capitalise upon / keep that either.

This is such an important concept to understand. Too often we get married to our story of loss / pain / suffering in order get sympathy, that we wind up burning what we do in fact have left — and thereby accelerate the spiral of “loss” which then starts to feel pervasive across other areas of our lives.

It’s up to YOU to stop the shit from spreading.

Life is going to hit you sometimes. Like Rocky said to his son:

Your capacity to keep moving forward is what will set you apart in this world.

The “Wheel of Life”

Alot of these personal development guru dickheads will try to help you develop a “wheel of life”, where you give yourself a score on all the areas of your life, eg:

The idea is that you should be aiming for a more “balanced” wheel.

I think that’s bullshit.

Your wheel of life is never completely round. It’s practically impossible — and more-so should you wish to be exceptional in any particular area of your life.

For example, if you’re hell-bent on becoming a self-made billionaire, your focus, time, energy & passion will need to go there mainly, and as a result, your relationships, health & other areas will not excel or progress at the same pace.

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Some people freak out & beleive that “healthy” means you’re well balanced.


Fuck Balance.

We do different things at different stages of our lives. There is nothing wrong with a skewed focus for a particalur period of time in order to achieve or create something you’re passionate about.

Where the problems can arise is if you live there your ENTIRE life & never experience anything beyond it.

BUT…I digress (balance is the subject of another up & coming blog). Back to how this relates to “focusing on what you have”:

Sometimes your life will be HIT in an area which you may not expect. Or, it may be expected because you’re clearly working on say your business, and are thus lacking in the relationship department (common btw).

Your reaction might be to try and “re-balance” by running off & fucking around trying to dabble in relationships, as a “distraction” in longing for what you are “missing”, i.e.; focusing on what you DON’T have.

This behavior is VERY common, and is also at the root of all dabbling. Dabbling in turn is the antithesis to mastery, and the antithesis to ever doing anything meaningful in your life.

So don’t fucking dabble. Stop focusing on what you’re supposedly “missing”, and get to work.

Your life is not meant to be “balanced”. Go choose an area to work on, work on that, apply yourself, focus, focus, focus, grind, grind, grind, work, work, fucking work.

When you begin to harvest the fruits of your labour, only then should you begin to think about the next area of your life to apply your energy toward*.(ie; don’t become a boring single-dimension mother fucker)..

And that’s a wrap!

** Disclaimer **

This doesn’t mean you can only focus on ONE area, and that’s ALL you do. It means your primary focus may need to be in one, two or MAX three (3 works if there is some overlap usually).

The other areas can get attention, but it’s the classic 80/20 rule. Apply 80% of your focus on the 20% of shit that needs it NOW so you can attain mastery.

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