Fiat, Fascism and Communism

Another brick in the wall, Pink Floyd. Updated by the Swann’s sister in Law
  • Destruction of our natural resources
  • The obliteration of individual values
  • Mindless consumerism
  • Misallocated time, energy and intellectual resources
  • Rampant Speculation
  • Unnatural inequality (instead of 80/20, we get 99.9/0.01)
  • Extreme corruption at the top
  • Complete sloth, hopelessness & victimisation at the bottom
  • Nihilism and futility in the middle class
  • A world without a moral compass or a vision for the future

An unfair game

It is monopoly control over the unit by which we measure the product of our labor, & coordinate the creation of value, that allows the State to do so much damage. By owning, issuing, and mandating what is “money” they are able to setup the rules of the game so that no matter what happens, heads they win, tails everyone else loses.

You fix the money, you fix the world.

Fiat Collectivism

Humans are social creatures and we naturally form groups, or tribes along similar values.

That Hydra-Dragon is only missing “Democracy”


The idea that a central authority has the magical ability to know what each member of their society wants or needs, and should therefore transfer the wealth generated by one group to another — all whilst wasting a significant portion of it, whether through incompetence, corruption or misallocation.


A more extreme version of Socialism, Communism simply takes the re-distribution of wealth to a more primitive level.

  • Hundreds of attempts, all around the world
  • >250m dead
  • Mass starvation
  • Mass poverty
  • Continual hyperinflation
  • Families, capital, societies and resources destroyed


Democracy is the silly idea that just because everyone else wants something, you should want it too.


This is the even dumber idea that government bureaucrats can force private industry to do and build what it is they want, when, and for what price.


Of course there are blends of each of the above. China is a prime example of an authoritarian blend of communism & fascism.


All of the above is made possible by Fiat Money.

The State Rules

“Heads I win, tails you lose”

Bitcoin Fixes This

On a Bitcoin standard, none of the above can exist at scale.

Social Mobility

This is perhaps the biggest, and most persistent of problems to plague humanity in a social sense. Feudalism and Caste systems exist today just like they did millennia ago, only in a different form.

True equality is equality in probability

- Nassim Nicholas Taleb

An excerpt from Skin in the Game is very apt here also:

The Environment

The fiat monetary system has a devastating impact on the environment. The State burns up an incredible amount of our natural resources and the majority of it is complete waste.

  • Defence & Military
  • Government, Regulatory & Judicial System
  • Banking, Payments & Financial System
  • Wall Street
  • Subsidising materials which kill the earth (cheap plastics)
  • Blind consumerism

Waste. Waste. Waste.

The global economy is a closed system. If one group can conjure money up out of thin air it dilutes the money (read finite resources) of the group that did not!


Plastics are another prime example of the ramifications of fiat.
Why do you think they’re so cheap?


Fiat food & fiat medicine are another phenomenon made possible by fiat money.

Not sure where I found this, but thanks to whoever made it.
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This is another area that will flourish in the absence of state-sponsored shenanigans.

Another Brick in the Wall. Pink Floyd
  • Education is something we experience naturally. Humans are learning and problem solving machines. Our education starts as soon as we’re born and it continues on throughout our life. It does not require a “school”.
  • Schooling is the attempt to standardise and streamline education at scale. It’s useful in many ways, and especially early on in a child’s life when learning some basics is valuable. It’s biggest drawback is that it incentivises rote-learning and memorisation as opposed to real education due to the nature of it’s standardisation. This becomes even more of a problem when the “schooling” curriculum is designed and mandated by the state.

Business & Free Markets

Markets are nodes in society where people from all walks of life meet to learn, transact and trade.

Our Modern Economy


The capacity to save and securly store the product of one’s labour is the cornerstone of civilisation.

True equality of opportunity

As mentioned earlier, social mobility may be the most important aspect of a functional society.

In Closing

Fiat money may be the most damaging invention of modernity, and the greatest hindrance toward our capacity as humans to transcend the challenges of our time, whether those challenges are personal in nature, like meaning & mental wellbeing, or social, eg; poverty, education, health, social mobility and the environment.

Show me a regime change, and I will show you inflation.

Arthur Hayes

When you are starving to death, nothing else matters except feeding your family. When you work your ass off only to stand still or get poorer, you will either riot or flock toward the “ism” that promises food, water and shelter.



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