Ego is NOT the enemy

A strong, well-forged Ego, in a sea of Ego-less automatons.

The Ego Is…

A well forged Ego is at the heart of the Individual. It is their personality and their identity. It differentiates them from everyone else and forms the very basis of the subjective nature of value, culture, personality, character and colour.

Ego is reality.

Ego is Order.
Ego is Structure.
Ego is Boundary and Delineation
Ego is Private Property
Ego is Civilisation
Ego is Standing up
Ego is Standing out
Ego is Greatness
Ego is Excellence
Ego is Frame
Ego is Dignity
Ego is Responsibility
Ego is Masculinity

The Ego Forms

The Ego forms around the age of two, when the child who had heretofore not known how to differentiate itself from the flood of existence, begins to discover itself.

Ego and Civilisation

We can have no civilisation without Ego.

Ego is a Judge

Ego is that which bears responsibility.
Ego is that which discerns.
Ego is that which defines.
Ego is Judge and Judgement.

But “eGo iS tHe EnEmY”

Let’s have a look at who thinks Ego is the enemy.

Bravery by Ryan Holiday. Protecting the books.
The “Ego Death” Maximalists

But what about the mOnKs?!?!?!?

If you want to go out and live in a cave somewhere, meditate all day, castrate yourself, live off the donations of others, never procreate and be attached to nothing….then by all means, strip away the Ego.

In Closing

The Ego is effectively the Conscious mind. It is the Self.

By Aleks Svetski

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