Don’t Judge Travis or McLure…

Aleksandar Svetski
7 min readJul 5, 2017


Focus on your own shit & stop being a pack of hypocritical victims!

A little rant on the recent media shit storm about about inequality & all that shit + a short message to Dave McClure about this (I just read his apology which I think was totally unnecessary, although I understand why it was necessary).

When did the startup scene become so full of victims??

I got involved in the tech & startups because of the nature of the industry. It’s about breaking convention. It’s about going against the grain. It’s about proving everyone wrong. It’s about being politically incorrect. It’s about being crazy, getting out there, being the minority, being told you can’t do it, but still doing it anyway. It’s about building your tribe of misfits & turning what was once obscure into something popular.

All of this shit in the news lately about some “underbelly” of masoginistic behaviour in the tech scene is a load of fucking bullshit fueled by morons in the media & sycophantic muppets who can’t think for themselves.

I’ll break it down here in 3 major points:

1. Victims

All I see in the comments & the news is “victims of this”, “victims of that”.

Fuck you.

Since when did everyone become such a “victim”?

I’ve been part of an ethnic “minority” all my life. All throughout school, all throughout Uni & all throughout everything I’ve ever done in business.

All my life I was told, “No you can’t”, “No you won’t”, “You’re gonna fail”, “You’re the wrong nationality”, “you’re in the wrong industry”, “you don’t have the money”, “you don’t have the contacts”, “You’re too young, too inexperienced, too short, too poor, too dark skinned, not dark skinned enough, too this or too fucking that”.

Again. Fuck You.

If I listened to all that shit, I’d be broke, dumb & destitute in some gutter somewhere. So…I didn’t listen.

THAT is what being an entrepreneur & being in this startup scene is all about. Fuck the naysayers. Do what YOU want to do & you will attract the people that believe in your vision & your mission.

Wether you’re a woman, gay, black, white, ethnic, trans, bi, short, fat, skinny or a fucking alien — you need to find the ADVANTAGE in what you have — not focus on the fact that you’re some minority & then play the victim card.

That’s bullshit. That takes ZERO courage.

EVERY person who has accomplished something great throughout history WAS THE FUCING MINORITY!

you need to find the ADVANTAGE in what you have

Jesus was the minority when he preached his sermons. So was the Buddha, or Mohammed for that matter.

Napoleon was the minority. That little shit wasn’t even French & he led the country to victory against all odds, on multiple occassions.

Joan of Arc — she was a PERFECT example of someone who rattled the cages & in doing so changed the world.

  • Oprah.
  • Elon Musk
  • Branson
  • Coco Chanel
  • Elton John
  • Michael Jackson
  • Martin Luther King

The list goes ON AND ON AND ON.

None of them sat there & complained about “oh I’m the minority & this guy is picking on me”.

They all worked their asses off, they took their so called “weakness” and turned it into their asset. They used their “minority” status as a differentiator & succeeded.

They didn’t play the fucking victim card.

And yes — sometimes it IS hard. Sometimes you feel like a victim. I’ve felt this way many times in my life. Especially when I was in business at an early age. I was 20yrs old, I knew nobody, had no assistance from family or friends— I used to get laughed out of offices & meetings because I looked like a fucking 12yr old. But I just kept going. I had my moments of doubt, but I broke through each of them & kept. on. going.

He got ridiculed, but he came back better than ever. Respect.

2. Contrast

On a more important note, how about some contrast. THIS is the ultimate medicine.

I mean seriously. When did everyone become such a fucking pack of pansies? Everyone’s up in arms about this shit as if someone got killed or raped. There’s people starving in Africa DAILY.

5,500 children die EVERY FUCKING DAY in Africa

And here you are crying “rape” about some women who supposedly got “taken advantage of” in one of the most privileged countries in the world, whilst among some of the smartest, most successful & influential people in the world??? Are you fucking kidding me??

This is a REAL problem.

If you want a problem to go cry about, go to fucking Syria & see the carnage there. Go do some research on the underground sex trafficking happening in Asia & South America. THAT shit is fucked up. THAT shit is something to get angry about. THAT shit is something we should be up in arms about & working out how to intervene & stop — not some horse shit about Travis & McLure fucking around being drunk dumb asses.

Whilst I understand that there may be a similarity in the “essence” of the behavior, the uproar is nonsensical. It’s the same as convicting someone for murder & putting them in jail just because they “thought” about or said it to some friends. The severity of the act is just not there.

So fuck you. If you want to complain — go find something else to complain about. Don’t be such a selfish fucking victim. Go look beyond your own ego & help someone in need.

We have bigger things in the world to worry about than some chicken shits crying wolf & trying to get some media attention. Go create some value in the world. Make yourself usefull.

3. Nobody is Innocent — We’re all guilty

It takes Two to Tango.

Before you go pointing at everyone else, and how “bad” they are, go look in the mirror. We’ve all done shit in our lives to take advantage of others; whether that be sexually, intellectually, emotionally or physically.

We all have advantages over each other one way or another. I’m in my late 20’s and I can tell you I’ve had my fair share of experiences with extremely physically attractive girls who took my dumb ass for a ride & “took advantage” of me when I was younger. I harbour no grudge. I have no judegement. I hole no ill will toward them. That was who we were, that was the level of exchange & we both learned from the experience.

Would I do it again? Nope. Not in that way — I’m more mature now & when I enter relationships with women, I come with a different level of depth & understanding — BUT — it’a all part of the fucking process. I wouldn’t appreciate what I do now, had I not experienced what I did before.

It ALWAYS takes 2 to tango, especially in circumstances where overt physical violence is not present. (i.e.; this does not apply when someone has a gun pointed at you & makes you undress so others can rape you — yes this is graphic, but it’s happening right now as you read this — so to be clear, I’m not referring to everyone).

But lets go back to the point in hand.

In the context of this media shit storm, everyone is acting like they’re completely innocent; as if they’ve never manipulated or taken advantage of someone else by using something that they have, which the other person doesn’t.

That’s such a load of crap. WE ALL DO IT. Especially in 1st world countries where we have the luxury of being able to do so. We’re not fighting for physical survival day in day out, so we find other ways to ‘struggle’ & “win” because it’s a part of our DNA. We’re constantly in this game of imaginary survival & with each interaction, we’re gaining or losing some advantage.

So before you go & judge the other person, how about you grow a spine, draw upon some of that courage you’ve been hiding & ask yourself “what role am I playing in this?”.

We all have control of our sovereignty (again; at least in the context of developed countries, where society is a bit beyond trafficking and murder, etc) and we all have the choice to either yield it, bend it, merge it, keep it or whatever else we want to do with it.

Which side will you stand on?

So anyway. I need to go back to work.

Dave McClure — you’re not “guilty” in my books. Niether are the others.

Although I don’t know the full story or the circumstances, I’m not here to judge you, nor do I think others have the right to do so.

We all make mistakes. None of us are perfect. We’ve all hurt people — both those we do & those we don’t care about. Life isn’t easy, nor is it straightforward. We do shit, we get some stuff right, we get some shit wrong, but we learn & grow.

I think your ‘apology’ took some balls, and I understand why you did it, but I also think that if we were in a world with less politically correct pansies who are always getting their knickers up in a twist, then you wouldn’t have had to make a “public” apology. You could’ve simply learned from the situation, respected the boundaries of the ther person / people, apologised to them (if needed) & moved on with what you do best.

It’s a shame we live in a world overrun by hypocritical, judgemental, sycophantic victims who have nothing better to do than vilify someone else.

Wish you all the best man.