Bitcoin shows you

It does not tell you

The Past, Present & Future

One of the diseases of fiat is the constant attempt to remanufacture the past in order to make it bearable or justify the eternally flawed present, so as to give false hope for the future.

The future is like the past. But there’s a crucial difference. The past is fixed, but the future — it could be better. It could be better, some precise amount — the amount that can be achieved, perhaps, in a day, with some minimal engagement. The present is eternally flawed.

Jordan B Peterson, 12 Rules for Life

There exists no possibility to adjust the records (the most important, being the economic record) in such as a way as to cover up poor decision making and sinful value judgements.

We have been watching ourselves act, reflecting on that watching, and telling stories distilled through that reflection, for tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. That is all part of our attempts, individual and collective, to discover and articulate what it is that we believe. Part of the knowledge so generated is what is encapsulated in the fundamental teachings of our cultures, in ancient writings such as the Tao te Ching, or the aforementioned Vedic scriptures, or the Biblical stories.

Jordan B Peterson, 12 Rules for Life, Chapter 4

Bitcoin is a new chapter in human history but unlike prior attempts to distill and pass values, ideas and ledgers onward via the written or spoken word, we now have a network which resembles the physical direction of time (forward) as an incorruptible, imprint-able medium on which these ideas can be recorded.

Fiat Tells You (lies)

Many before me have pointed this out, and I shall do so again here.

Bitcoin Shows us all..

Bitcoin has shown us everything from the beginning. It just takes some humility, perception and intuition to notice.

All lies.

Bitcoin VS Shitcoin

Bitcoin also shows us that there are greedy, short-sighted, naive and opportunistic morons all over the world.

Every damn time.

In Closing

Bitcoin shows you, it doesn’t tell you.

By Aleks Svetski

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Aleksandar Svetski

Host:, Editor @ and Founder @ Bitcoin, Money, Psychology, Philosophy, History, Entrepreneurship & Thinking