Bitcoin, Chaos And Order

12 Rules For Life Series, Essay Two


The second chapter in Jordan Peterson “12 Rules For Life” is entitled, “Treat yourself like someone who you are responsible for helping.”

The Power Of Narrative

Jordan opens the chapter with some questions:

Why is it that people don’t take care of themselves?

From where does this guilt, shame or self-loathing stem?

He proceeds to then make an important point. One that we both innately understand and that permeates all corners of the earth.

Matter and “What Matters”

As someone whose strongest academic suits in school were physics, chemistry and engineering, I have a deep appreciation for the scientific method and the scientific revolution. The capacity to view, interpret, understand and then manipulate matter objectively is at the heart of technological progress in all civilizations.

In forgetting to ask or pursue what matters, we find that matter alone just doesn’t really matter.

We have become so focused on the empirical, that we’ve forgotten the meaningful. We’ve deconstructed everything from economics, to art, to philosophy and to psychology in some maniacal attempt to transform it into bits of meaningless data (e.g., Derrida and the rest of the deconstructionists) from which nonsensical “models of the world” are then built and imposed on society.

While we may have forgotten meaning, meaning has not forgotten us.

In attempting to nullify and denigrate that critical component of existence, we’ve seen everything from the rise of nihilism, to dictatorial regimes, and most recently the ‘religionisation’ of science.

AJ Cortes saying it like it is
  • Questioning “The Science” has become a sin.
  • Alternative viewpoints have become heresy.
  • Critical thinking & individual decision making are for heathens & infidels.
Just a few examples of what happens..
They are literally creating pagan-like celebrations to celebrate “facts”.

Renaissance 1.0 = What Matters Meets Matter

The Renaissance was a period in which the study of what matters met the emerging study of matter.

The Renaissance 2.0: Matter Meets What Matters

Bitcoin is truly the second Renaissance.

Bitcoin is that “freak event” that changes everything.

One cannot celebrate fake facts in the face of an economic reality tied to the physical laws of thermodynamics.

Bitcoin permits maximum fidelity human action to permeate society, and as a result, some important things occur:

  • The good/useful/functional can compound and proliferate
  • The bad/useless/broken can correct or disappear
  • Tradeoffs are not only more evident, but inescapable
  • Risk can no longer be hidden and subsequent losses socialized. Skin is now in the game, for everyone.

Chaos And Order

Let’s shift gears now and explore chaos and order.

  • Chaos
  • Order
  • Consciousness

“Chaos is also the formless potential from which the God of Genesis 1 called forth order using language at the beginning of time. It’s the same potential from which we, made in that Image, call forth the novel and ever-changing moments of our lives.

Chaos is freedom, dreadful freedom, too.

Order, by contrast, is explored territory. That’s the hundreds-of-millions- of-years-old hierarchy of place, position and authority. That’s the structure of society. It’s the structure provided by biology, too — particularly insofar as you are adapted, as you are, to the structure of society.

Order is tribe, religion, hearth, home and country. It’s the warm, secure living-room where the fireplace glows and the children play. It’s the flag of the nation. It’s the value of the currency. Order is the floor beneath your feet, and your plan for the day. It’s the greatness of tradition, the rows of desks in a school classroom, the trains that leave on time, the calendar, and the clock.

But order is sometimes tyranny and stultification, as well, when the demand for certainty and uniformity and purity becomes too one-sided.”

-Peterson, “12 Rules For Life”

There are so many threads to pull on here in relation to Bitcoin, one could write an entire book about it. I’ll try to pull on a few and link to work done by some brilliant minds, including one of my favorites, Gigi.

Bitcoin Enables Living Order To Emerge From Chaos

The very nature of Bitcoin’s time chain is something that’s designed to take the sum total of all human action, measured in the chaos of all transactions in every market across the entire globe, and transform it into a set of blocks in chronological order via the probabilistically-sound process of using work to achieve consensus amongst a network of participants who do not know each other.

Bitcoin is an information and energy superconductor.

This is the fundamental function of money.
A transmission medium for information, value and action.
Without it, no order can be achieved.

Bitcoin Embodies Chaos And Order

Bitcoin not only enables the emergence of functional, organic order from chaos, but it embodies the same process in the way it functions.

“In a sense, the Bitcoin organism ‘grows’ on the edge between order and chaos: finding new blocks is a chaotic process, and its result is a very orderly list of transactions: the Bitcoin blockchain, also known as the ledger.”

- Gigi

Bitcoin takes random, unstructured, chaotic information from the market and using incentives, proof of work and cryptography, transforms it into an ordered global ledger that anyone, anywhere can validate and verify.

Image courtesy of Gigi.

With Bitcoin, Chaos And Order Can Dance

For life to exist, chaos must dance with order.

Too much of one or the other, and life will cease to exist.

  1. Chaos must initially exist for order to emerge. This is the essence of creation and “opportunity.”
  2. One person’s order is another person’s chaos. This subjective nature of chaos and order, especially at the individual level is important.
  3. Magnification matters. At one level, the system looks chaotic, but on a higher level, order is clearly manifest. This is perhaps a more Taoist viewpoint, but also aligns well with the fractal nature of life.
  • Chaos is the water that erodes the cliff face
  • It’s the snake in the garden you cannot remove
  • Its rose in a concrete world
  • It’s the sunlight that seeps in through the cracks
  • Order is the discipline that gives the individual freedom.
  • It’s the foundation upon which you build your home, be it your house, your family or your legacy
  • It’s the structure in your day
  • It’s the shared standard that enables communication, travel and exchange

Certainty And Uncertainty

Inspired by Maslow’s hierarchy, Tony Robbins’ model of understanding human behavior via the “six human needs” is one of the most powerful I’ve come across.

Tony’s 6 Human Needs Framework

Consciousness And Human Action

Existence and life occur at the nexus of chaos and order.

Natural Alchemists

As humans, we transform chaos into order.

The Garden Of Eden And The Serpent

Capitalism is NOT about protection.

“Problems are a sign of life.”

- Norman Vincent Peale

Humans are problem solving machines, and serpent tamers.

The Naked Ape

Humans are flawed. We are self conscious, ashamed, fearful and fragile.

“The worst of all snakes is the eternal human proclivity for evil. This is psychological, spiritual, personal, internal.

No walls, no matter how tall, will keep that out.”

-Jordan Peterson

Even if the walls were strong enough to keep all evil and bad out, it would appear once again within.

The line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Strength Or Safety

There is no way to isolate society from the rest of humanity without sanitizing it into non-existence.

  • Beauty will always shame the ugly
  • Strength will always shame the weak
  • Death will always shame the living

To Walk With God

Bitcoin is a manifestation of objective truth.
A consensus of the many, adopted and enforced by the individual.

Heaven is something you must build.
Immortality is something you must earn.

It gives them a way to compound their good decisions and directly learn from their bad ones.

In Closing

Bitcoin is NOT about blindly bringing down the social order.

Slaying the Dragon

The greatest dragon that exists today is the state-sponsored mechanism of theft and serfdom, the one which perverts time preference and steals resources and energy from the constituents of society.

Bitcoin is Eden.

It’s a living organism that exhibits its own form of consciousness as it transforms chaos into order.

Bitcoin is growth.

Where what you know meets what you’re in the process of learning and discovering.

Bitcoin is truth.

Where human action and consciousness meet the reality of the physical universe; time, energy/matter.

Bitcoin matters.

With Bitcoin, you can once again have the courage to walk with god.
You can find deep meaning in life.



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Host:, Editor @ and Founder @ Bitcoin, Money, Psychology, Philosophy, History, Entrepreneurship & Thinking