America is Dead.

Aleksandar Svetski
13 min readNov 10, 2020

Long Live Bitcoin!

What was once the land of the free, is now the land of confusion.

2020 will be known as the year the establishment hammered the last nail into the coffin of the the American Dream.

What started over a quarter of a millennium ago, not only as a vision for a better world, but of a movement in that direction where natural, inalienable rights such as the freedom to speak, the sovereignty of the individual and the right to protect yourself were held sacrosanct and were the cornerstone of how society would function, is at the end of its rope, watching the last of its lifeforce being quelled.

The American Dream is officially dead.

This is not “the beginning of the end” for the land of the free, but more like the end of the end.

It all began when Lincoln forcibly “united” the states, and removed their ability to secede in the 1860's.

The essence of the American dream took another major blow in 1913 with the advent of the Federal Reserve, and the centralisation of the mechanism via which labour is measured.

This gave a small group of unelected bankers & bureaucrats the ability to play god with people’s time & energy (ie; their money), and in the process not only caused incredible economic devastation (The Great Depression, and every catastrophic economic event since), but was the central force that enabled the emergence of institutionalised monopolies across multiple industries which then had the power to lobby the main monopoly (government) in order to gain an unfair advantage over other, more competent competition.

The next major blow was America’s so-called “leadership” under Woodrow Wilson and the subsequent involvement in WW1 is where its soul was truly sold.

Then came the welfare state and its mandated wealth redistribution. It skewed the incentives for both producers and consumers and slowly turned America into a completely deranged society hell-bent on measuring consumption as some form of progress, a sign of prosperity & a virtue!

It suffocated the very “producers” out of their country and in the process weakened the engine that drove the American dream in the first place.

America became fat, slow, poor and lazy under the weight of its own prosperity, thanks in large part to the idiotic intelligentsia who believed the question was “how do we re-distribute wealth” and ignored the one of “how do we create it”.

1971 & the fall of Bretton Woods was another huge step toward the complete destruction of America and its original essence. I don’t need to say much here except point to the following website:

Then we had the Don Quixote inspired “Drug War” led by the idiot Republicans who decided they could play god not only with what people in their own country could put into their own bodies, but what people in other countries could manufacture.

This over time transformed into an ever increasing “International Policing” & “Authoritarian Foreign Policy”, which made America one of the most hated nations on Earth.

They then had the audacity to turn that authoritarian policing onto their own citizens with organisations such as the NSA & Homeland security, absolutely decimating the constitution, driving a stake through the heart of the truth and repealing the privacy and natural freedoms of millions domestically.

Snowden, Assange & Ulbricht are three PRIME examples of innocent people who exposed crimes, ran nonviolent e-commerce business and ultimately did the RIGHT THING. Each is now facing exile or life in prison.

You can thank this final round of atrocities to the rise of the most corrupt political families in human history:

  • The Clinton Family
  • The Bush Family
  • The Obama’s

These heads of the same snake managed to erode the last bit of soul & hope that was left in America. The corruption under Clinton, the Cheney fiasco under Bush, and the radical movement toward socialism & deprivation of teh individual under the Obama’s.


An imperfect man tried his best to drain the swamp.


Trump was far from perfect. He was obnoxious, erroneous in many ways, polarising and often times annoying, but he was far from the monster the media attempted to portray him as.

He not only had skin in the game, but he was closer to the spirit of the American people than any president since Kennedy or the perhaps even the early American presidents.

He may have been ‘mean’ but objectively speaking, he was overall, a counter-measure to globalisation and a force toward the necessary fragmentation & localisation that the world must inevitably experience. Without him, my fear is that this fragmentation will occur not consciously, but violently as it falters beneath its own weight.

Trump was a last ditch effort to save the soul of America.

And here we are now, watching that final effort, falter against the multiple forces who seem to want to destroy the pedestal they are standing on:

  • Hollywood
  • The mainstream media
  • Social Media
  • Big Pharma
  • The political establishment
  • Bankers & Banksters
  • The pseudo-academics & intelligentsia
  • Woke corporations
  • Coastal elites
  • Welfare statists
  • Communist & socialist agendas from with the US
I screenshot both the tweet & reply because they were so apt.

It’s a fitting end to a year in which the greatest victims were not you & I, but truth & freedom.

This entire year has been one of complete hysteria, lies upon lies, censorship, cancel culture, confusion and division all fuelled and fanned by the woke media so that moronic, unelected 3-letter institutions can feed you ridiculous ideas such as a central bank digital currency via which they can control all your personal economic decisions, a ‘new normal’ in which you’re no longer allowed to socialise, and a ‘great reset’ in which you’ll “own nothing and be happy”.

No. This is not Hyperbole. This is the crap they’re actively promoting on social media.

Self Inflicted

In many ways, America has done this to itself. Not the American people themselves — because that spirit remains — but the establishment that became “America” and replaced the America that was its people.

The spirit of free individuals, striving to be the best they can be, lives on — but their voices, their choices and their inalienable rights apparently (according to the academics, the media & the intelligentsia) do not.


America’s so-called “leaders”, whether political, financial or academic, slowly poisoned it, like a doctor who patiently poisons his patient, in order to make him more dependent.

America moved from a land of competence to a land of arrogant academics, erroneous experts and ignorant intelligentsia, who like a cancer, continue to spread far & wide, infecting the minds of new generations coming through the state indoctrination institutions known as “schools”.

Politics poisoned the American Dream in the same way it poisons everything and anything else it touches, from companies to friendships, to relationships, associations, communities, sports, academia, philosophy, the sciences, psychology, communication and humanity in general.

I urge you to watch the following 2min to understand how that kind of infectious indoctrination spreads (feel free to dig deeper later).

Yuri Bezmenov. Former KGB. In 2min, explains exactly how communism infiltrated America via academia

INCENTIVES. Not Conspiracies

Notwithstanding any of Yuri’s comments above, what is happening today does NOT even require some “conspiracy” to be explained or understood. If you’re an anti-tin-foil-hat person, just look at the incentives!

The way to make society more equal is by forcing (through skin in the game) the rich to be subjected to the risk of exiting from the one percent.

No downside for some means no upside for the rest.

- Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

Caretaker-ruled societies skew the base incentives and the resulting complex cause & effect relationships that emerge drive all forms of parasitic behaviour ultimately leading to the destruction of capital.

Caretakers (ie; democratically elected public officials) who never had skin in the game simply have no dis-incentive or accountability for decisions made that can adversely affect millions.

“Heads I win, tails you lose”

Layer that with the high time preference nature of public officialdom in a world devoid of private property and you wind up with a system where decisions are made for gains & revenue today at the catastrophic expense and depletion of the capital stock of tomorrow.

The future is sold for the present. Today’s resources (human or natural) are burnt up and wasted.

Furthermore, the immunity to consequence that public officials self-endow themselves with leave room for the a level of moral hazard we’ve not seen in the history of humanity. Public officials get to play a rigged game where heads they win, tails you lose.

This is anti-capitalism and it eats the very soul of humanity & the earth.

A new Leviathan

As with the fall of all prior institutions, the American Frankenstein has borne its own monsters.

Their existence gives us a glimpse of a future that’s a blend of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World.

Mass censorship, vaccines for a ‘sickness’ you didn’t even know you had and that 99.99% of people recover from, the destruction of small businesses, the dependance on large corporations and the communist dream of universal basic income for all the sheep.

The modern monopolies are the new leviathans.

The prior monster breeds the monster that will kill it and take over, in the same way as the ancient empires fell to the church and the church fell to the nation state, todays nation states will fall and in part merge with the new technocratic order.

Monopolies breed monopolies

This institutionalisation of America, the subsequent erosion of the productive middle class and the centralisation & monopolisation of money and laws (via nonsense regulation) is exactly what spawned the monopolies we are now going to be lauded over by, whether they’re Pfizer, Monsanto, Google, Facebook, Netflix or Amazon.

By creating a central point of money issuance, and issuing new money like no institution or monarch could’ve ever dreamt of doing before, the most powerful ever Cantillon effect was created.

It’s this force that arguably gave America a perceived advantage in the short term, but simultaneously led to the destruction of the American dream in the longer term.

Notwithstanding this reality, the force of innovation is SO powerful, that it still counterbalanced the Cantillon effect to a large degree and we saw the emergence of new technology, new entrepreneurs, new ideas and new enterprise — this is actually what’s helped keep the momentum alive in America and it’s what spread progress throughout the world.

BUT, and you’ll note this from any statistic you can find, the more the money printer went brrr, (especially since 2008), the more an incredible amount of capital flooded the system, and it all chased whomever was already close to the monetary spigot, whether of not they were (a) more innovative, eg; Amazon, or (b) had more lobbying power, eg; Pfizer.

It exacerbated a pre-existing power law for capital to chase the best ideas & businesses, and created an even greater and unnaturally narrow concentration of capital in a handful of companies.

This capital was then used to acquire any new competition early on, and build a moat not of innovation and value, but of cheap capital, bullshit regulations & lobbying power.

And this is where we are now.

Poetic Justice or just Parasitism?

In their own arrogance and decadence, the nation state & central bank has made itself obsolete by breeding the new monopolies.

The New Technocratic Order now has more control over what we see, think, feel, eat and do than any government will ever have had.

America’s money printing shenanigans spawned the leviathans that will make it obsolete. It’s no longer a matter of if, but a matter of when.

But is it poetic justice or is it just the ultimate end for all such parasitic behaviour?

The retail banks are an interesting example.
They used to be part of that inside club, but today, they’re in existential trouble.

Their entire business model of fractional reserve banking doesn’t work with negative interest rates. Couple that with direct to consumer MMT / UBI via CBDCs & wallet tech that will be provided by FAMGA, the raison d’être of the retail bank is no more.

It’s no wonder many of them became “investment banks” over the past 20yrs.
Their only chance for survival is to funnel whatever cash they still have left into ownership stakes in these modern monopolies.

It’s going to be interesting to watch, and frankly I have little remorse for them because they got fat, lazy & arrogant and will now be a casualty of the scourge they helped fund.

Decades of Decadence

If you’ve read any of my work, or you’ve been around the Bitcoin Twitter space, you’ll be familiar with the following:

This is unfortunately the fate of America too.

Decades of decadence, and blind growth for growth’s sake using Stephanie Kelton economics (“it’s just points”) has hollowed out the capital built up over the prior centuries and left it an empty, bureaucratic corpse that’s at the mercy of not only it’s external enemies, but of it’s internal ones too.

As I said earlier; America did this to itself by centralising and institutionalising. The poisonous ideologies that permeated throughout its society were able to spread so quickly because all schooling was state-based. It was a single point of failure.

A decentralised education infrastructure would’ve gone a long way to avoiding much of the current calamity.

The Media is another example. It transformed from a decentralised bastion of free speech and enquiry into just another centralised organ of the state, spewing propaganda and “expert opinions” from intellectual-yet-idiots who couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag.

When you combine propaganda with the capacity for critical thinking being beaten out of everyone during 15yrs of schooling (thanks to the optimisation for the lowest common denominator), it’s absolutely no wonder that you have a population of sheep-pigs, who will consume the shit they’re fed, irrespective of whether it’s what they eat, watch or listen to.

The counter-argument is invalid

One can say that “it’s easy to point a finger, but there was merit in centralising at the time”, or “that’s because of capitalism” to which I call bullshit. On both.

First of all, capitalism does NOT breed ergodic monopolies. Organic, free-market innovation destroys monopolies because the larger something gets, the more fragile it becomes, and the more lucrative it is, the more competition that emerges. Institutionalisation has nothing to do with capitalism.

Secondly, centralisation was not warranted.

The US was already much farther ahead in the early 1900s, and even moreso after WW2. It did NOT have to centralise & institutionalise to stay ahead.

It could’ve maintained a lead purely just by opening up and getting the fuck out of the way of their already magnificent American Spirit.

Instead, like Don Quixote, it started wars on multiple fronts with multiple imaginary foes (eg; The war on drugs, the stupid commies, etc).


Because the grooves had been carved earlier on, beginning with Lincoln and deepened with WW1 and the Federal Reserve.

Instead of decentralising and becoming a target that was impossible to defeat, America centralised, institutionalised and monopolised.

The Faustian Bargain

I fear that one of the ramifications of losing Trump combined with the weakness + stupidity that is Biden & the left, is the huge opportunity the Technocratic order will have to amass power. And quickly.

The lefties signed the ultimate Faustian bargain.

A chance to peacefully move in the direction of more freedom and individual sovereignty was the final casualty of what’s proven to be a catastrophic year.

Bitcoiners & Libertarians will continue to fight the good fight, but the odds against us are now greater than ever.

Without Trump in the way, the arrogant, greedy, tone-deaf globalist agenda can go into full swing, and any thorn in the side of this movement toward rule by a completely unelected set of 3 letter organisations is gone.

Trump may have not been smooth and polished, but he was on the right side directionally.

The incompetent and initially invisible enemy that were the collectivists have finally infiltrated & taken America — and despite that fact that it’s not going to last, it does make for an ugly start to this decade and it will significantly erode any semblance of the personal responsibility and individual agency some of us had left.

A New Hope

BUT….As with all things in the universe, there is a counterbalancing force.

Alongside every institution of control and suppression, we’ve almost always had objective studies, and courageous individuals that fought for and allowed truth a freedom to subsist.

Some of those people included Socrates, Aleksandar the Great, William Wallace, Galileo, Newton, Rand and Rothbard. Those studies and tools were (and are) philosophy, math, science, technology, capitalism and economics.

They were strong enough to keep the momentum of progress growing and allow humanity to broadly grow and prosper, despite also being the source of nutrients for the institutional parasite to feed off.

Today, we have a new force, a new hero and a new hope.

That force is called Bitcoin.
That hero is Satoshi, (we are all Satoshi)
And that hope is a more free world.

The New West

America emerged as the New West, as the “old west” in Europe began to decay and collapse, in much the same way as the Renaissance emerged from the decay of the Church, and the church was the antidote to the chaos of the feudal times which preceded.

Today, the New West is Bitcoin.
It emerges just as the American Dream finds itself in the final chapter.

Which brings me to my final point:

The King is dead, long live the King!

The American dream cannot die, and will not die; because it’s not the just the “American” Dream. It’s the same dream that has permeated all of humanity from as long as the sovereignty of the free individual with reason has existed.

It’s the dream of freedom, of liberty, of justice, of reality and of truth.

It’s the dream of the ancient philosophers, that was ignited by the revolutionaries of the Renaissance, was carried forward by the American forefathers and today lives on in the spirit of the Bitcoiners.

I really hope this piece hits home for alot of you.

As usual,

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