We need to "stop climate change".

Oh the hubris.

The climate will change forever, and there's nothing Icarus-like maniacs like you can do to stop that. If anything, your incessant meddling will have unintended consequences and make things worse for future generations.

Solar and wind have already done immense damage to the environment. The amount of energy, time and resources wasted on that garbage could've gone into making fossil fuel extraction and combustion engines an order of magnitude more efficient.

Instead, this ridiculous mindset has stifled that progress, and squandered countless precious resources, hours of man and mind power and energy which could've gone to better use.

Your general article is good, and at least you acknowledged toward the end what crazy side effects could come with this admittedly novel idea. But this climate change hubris is not just stupid, but incredibly dangerous.



Aleksandar Svetski

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