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Bitcoin, Freedom and Sovereignty

An article on why moving into Bitcoin is not just an economic imperative, but a moral duty.

Another brick in the wall, Pink Floyd. Updated by the Swann’s sister in Law

To truly fight the leviathan known as “The State”, we must first starve it of its most important source of nutrition; economic input.

Economic input is simply a measure…

Originally published on December the 3rd, with Bitcoin Magazine:

In September of 2021, I wrote a piece called Bitcoiners are The Remnant, the masses don’t matter:

It was inspired by the incredible 1930’s essay by Albert J Nock; Isaiah’s Job.

In it I covered the differentiation between two broad archetypes…

Originally published on September the 21st, with Bitcoin Magazine:

I recently read Isaiah’s Job, by Albert J Nock.

It’s an essay that inspired generations of anarcho capitalists & libertarians such as Rothbard and Rand, so if you’ve not yet read it, do so now or bookmark it for later:


Bitcoin, Bitcoiners & Citadels.

The series continues. If you’ve not yet read part one and two of the series, you can find them here.

This piece was originally published on the 15th October, with Bitcoin Magazine:


The third chapter in Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules For Life” is entitled, “Make Friends with People Who Want…

Originally published June 25, 2021, on Bitcoin Magazine:

The Bitcoin 2021 talk that this piece is based on.

This is an article which formed the basis of my talk at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami (see video above) and was inspired by the longer form article I wrote a couple months…

I often get asked about “which crypto” is a good one to invest in.
Of course my answer is always Bitcoin. Period.

In this article I’d like to lay out the rationale from 3 angles.

  • Economic
  • Philosophic
  • Moral

They all weave into and build on top of each other.


A crash course on money, prices and basic economics.

The same mainstream media said it was “over” in January 2018.

And less than 4mths since I first wrote this article, $50k USD has become the temporary resting place for Bitcoin before the next leg up. One might call the article prophetic but I assure you it’s not. …

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