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Huxley and Orwell were both right

“The perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of a democracy, but would basically be a prison without walls in which the prisoners would not even dream of escaping. It would essentially be a system of slavery where, through entertainment and consumption the slaves would love their servitude”

- Aldous Huxley

Huxley, who wrote more than 50 books, warned us of a future in which the ultimate dystopia is ushered in via precision engineering, mind altering substances, constant dopaminergic entertainment and the removal of any pain, suffering, struggle and [therefore] meaning in life.

Orwell took on a more somber tone in his seminal work; 1984, warning of a tyrannical dystopia where the thought police monitored everything you say and do, and through the use of double speak and the constriction of vocabulary successfully stripped life of all its meaning and colour. …

Bitcoin Times Ed 3
The Bitcoin Times Ed 3 is now LIVE

The dawn of a new decade has a knack for conjuring up visions of endings or new beginnings, each which seems to have an affinity to the legendary or supernatural.

Two decades since the turn of the century, the dotcom bubble and the twin towers, and just a touch over a decade since the GFC we’ve seen the world continue to hurtle toward disaster; economically, morally, socially & structurally. All the while catastrophe has been kept at bay via the counterbalancing forces of innovation, production and free speech.

2020 now ushers in the new decade along with a timely reminder of how precarious things actually are beneath the surface. …

From the beginning until the very end

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Upvote on Product Hunt Now!

What started as an idea, more than 3yrs ago now, has turned into a product that thousands of people are using today.

We’ve come a long way, and we have quite the journey ahead of us.

A quick recap so far:

  • Early days of its ideation in 2017.
  • Forming of the first team in Jan of 2018
  • Raising the first bit of capital in March / April 2018
  • Building a few initial prototypes and spending lots of time figuring out what the product would actually be, and how it would work
  • Changing the name from “Stashh” to “Nibble” to “Kitti” to “Rover” to “Salmon” and finally settling on “Amber” (thank…

Long Live Bitcoin!

What was once the land of the free, is now the land of confusion.

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2020 will be known as the year the establishment hammered the last nail into the coffin of the the American Dream.

What started over a quarter of a millennium ago, not only as a vision for a better world, but of a movement in that direction where natural, inalienable rights such as the freedom to speak, the sovereignty of the individual and the right to protect yourself were held sacrosanct and were the cornerstone of how society would function, is at the end of its rope, watching the last of its lifeforce being quelled. …

It’s absolutely necessary

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From the beginning of time we’ve had people who were willing to think for themselves, and people who were too lazy and instead opted to let someone else do the thinking.

I believe it was Gerald Celente whom I first heard call them ‘sheeple’, but that could be much older phraseology.

In this essay, I’d like to call upon the men & women of courge and of the mind to remind you that your voice and your actions matter.

Resistance is NOT futile…


There are two kinds of authority:

  1. Natural
  2. Fiat / By Decree

Natural authority is earned and emergent, whilst fiat is top down, arbitrary, un-earned and baseless. …

It’s not and never was about ‘perfection’.

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Libertarianism is about individual freedom & responsibility rooted in a line of consistent & congruent values, that are as closely representative of natural law as possible.

This idea that libertarianism is some sort of utopian ideal is completely false.
Utopianism is a statist or collectivist ideal in which people are arrogant enough to believe the definition of perfection (a) exists, and (b) can be applied across all of society and it’s individual participants as if they’re just numbers on a spreadsheet, ie; completely ignoring the differences and nuances present in all humans.

Libertarians, at least those worth their salt, abhor this notion of a Utopia.
True libertarians are realists, and I hope this short first-principles primer on libertarian values and the concept of structuring society starting at the level of the individual, helps set the record straight. …

Evolving. From a luxury into a necessity

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For some, Bitcoin has been and in many ways still is, a luxury.
For others, it’s been a necessity from the beginning, whether as a mechanism to store their wealth, or as a way to send & receive payments without being censored.

For the rest of us, it’s somewhere in between a luxury & a necessity.

In this short piece I’ll argue that as we progress forward in time, Bitcoin will become a necessity for all of us, across all of it’s dimensions (SoV, MoE, UoA) and if these moronic, draconian lockdowns have done anything, they’ve accelerated Bitcoin’s transformation from something some might “want” to something everyone will fundamentally “need”. …

Not now, not later, not ever.

Dedicated to the skeptics, to the ignorant, to the arrogant & to the un-interested.

You DO NOT need bitcoin.
Don’t buy any.

I personally don’t care about driving “mass adoption”.
I prefer selective adoption.

Swine deserve no pearls.
The price of ignorance is yours to pay.
As is the price of stupidity.

When the time comes, I will gladly pay you a thousand Sats for a month of your time, and smile in the process.

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The truth is harsh.

The most important decision you’ll ever make

There is NO decision you can make today, that’s more important for your financial, economic & sovereign future, than to buy Bitcoin. …

It’s all about incentives.

** Sitting in my drafts for almost a year, and not sure why**

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Bitcoin is a contentious subject, at the best of times.

Its very existence challenges the status quo we’ve had regarding money for the last 5 centuries, and in particular the world we, our parents & grandparents have grown up in.

We’ve become accustomed to the idea that central banks and governments are the sole proprietors of money and the economic system that form the fabric of the societies we live in, despite the fact that this centrally planned methodology has consistently failed.

Bitcoin stands alone as the first time we’ve had an immutable digital network, with an associated scarce digital unit. Together these form an economic network that is sound, verifiable, autonomous, and now 10yrs in, almost impossible to shut down. …

I support both. Yes. BOTH

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Burning man. A place where people from all over the world come together, as individuals and in groups. No bullshit government mandates or “laws” against discrimination are needed.

You cannot have diversity without discrimination. That’s not how it works.

This article follows from a topic I cover on my new YouTube Channel & Podcast, the links to each which you can find at the bottom.

Here’s a link to the episode itself (there’s two parts):

Wake Up Ep 2
Wake Up Ep 3

There is a major level of cognitive dissonance going on with people (especially leftists & collectivists) who are ‘against’ discrimination, but ‘for’ diversity.

As usual, because they don’t take a moment to THINK before they speak, their positions are contradictory! In this article, I’ll break that contradiction down and make the point that discrimination is fundamentally critical on the path to diversity, because to discriminate means to choose, and choice is the basis of differentiation and diversity. …


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