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Aleksandar Svetski
5 min readAug 4, 2023


A life update

I’ve enjoyed being away from the digital world for a while. I’ve lurked and made the occasional poast here and there, but for much of this year I’ve been focused on life in meatspace.

Writing, reading, lifting, grappling, living, travelling, eating, reading, sun, sand, seawater, sex — and building..

It’s really been good — but alas, it is now time to come back and be active because it’s an evil necessary for work that involves a digital element — which all three of my key projects do!

It’s a little strange coming back to the bird app (not a bird anymore), but less-so here on Substack. Writing long form has always felt more natural. Twitter definitely pulled me into the vortex of stupidity in 2022, so I plan to manage it better this time.

In any case, this initial Chronicle is more of a diary entry and PSA, than it is the general kind of article you might be used to. Also — you should head over and subscribe to my Substack instead — I’ll be phasing out my Medium.

Anyway — soon enough I’ll be waxing lyrical on things I find meaningful — that will probably cover a broad range of topics, from Bushido, to why Alexander the Great was the true GOAT, why Feudalism being peak civilisation, to why Equality is fundamentally evil, and even Bitcoin as Nietzschean Vitalist Money vs Crypto as Fiat bugman money.

Lots’ of things I want to explore.

But before I do those, a note on the THREE things I have been, and am working on.


I’m working on 3 primary projects this year, and I’ll be posting about them + doing a podcast and spaces roadshow to discuss each.

1. The Spirit of Satoshi

This is an attempt to build a more ‘based’, Bitcoin-Austro-RightCap centred language model that doesn’t waste half the response moralising and apologising, and the other half on soy-laden platitudes. The hope is that it will become more than just a tool for Orange-Pilling people, but also one they can use for some biased feedback / ideas / opinions that are not of the woke variety..

You can read more about the work myself and the team have been doing there on the Authentic Intelligence substack.

2. The Bitcoin Times

In its 6th time around the sun, this year’s Bitcoin Times will be “The Energy Edition.” Bitcoin has fundamentally transformed our understanding of “What is Money,” and it is now compelling us to dig even deeper. Vaclav Smil said that “Energy is the currency of the Universe.”

Turns out Bitcoin is a symbiosis of both money and energy. Not just because those concepts are related, but because Bitcoin is actually energy-money. Not sure what I mean? Check out this piece from a prior edition of The Bitcoin Times (perhaps some of my finest writing, if I do say so myself), and keep an eye out for Bitcoin Times Ed 6 coming out later this year.

By the way — if you’ve got an interesting on take on Bitcoin through the lens of energy, or energy through the lens of Bitcoin, reach out because Gideon Powell & I are co-writing a piece, and we have room for 2 more collaborators. You’ll be joining Marty Bent, Drew Armstrong, Harry Sudock & Brian Gitt.

Last but not least,

3. The Bushido of Bitcoin

My second book, being published by Bitcoin Magazine, will be a different kind of Bitcoin book — focused more on WHO one must become, if Bitcoin does transform the world in the way we think it will.

What Virtues will be most important to embody and inculcate in our kin?
What will the new playbook-for-life look like, when the materialist-oriented, money printing machine dies, and the measuring stick for human competition and cooperation becomes fixed & incorruptible?

I ask some very hard questions in this book, and will challenge your thinking about warfare, morality, the body and the mind, money, affluence and much more.

I’m adding the finishing touches to the book now, and hope it will be available for The Bitcoin Conference in Amsterdam.

Last but not least…

Some of you have asked me if I’m going to kick the Podcast off again. For now, no. I want to focus on my own things right now, and as you can probably tell, my plate is pretty full.

But like I said at the outset, I will be doing some writing here on this Substack, and if time permits, who knows — I may record the odd podcast and post it here.

A particular topic I want to delve into is Bitcoin Nietzscheanism, and how “Energy Money” as a concept makes way for a world in which Quality, Excellence, Merit, Ingenuity, and Vitality once more become North Stars.

That’s it from me — not that you necessarily asked for an update, but I felt that since you’re subscribed and I needed a diary entry, this would be useful.

See y’all around.

Aleksandar Svetski

Originally published at https://remnantchronicles.substack.com/

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